The Safer, more Economical, Environmentally Friendly way to dispose of needles

Stop using ancient technology that doesn’t work for the modern world. A single needle stick could have devastating effects for all involved. There are up to 1 million estimated needle stick injuries every year, according to NIOSH, OSHA, and the CDC. Eliminate the risk! Incinerate your used needles!

  • Protect the environment, safely clean up the mess with the SANDD mini™
  • Save money on costly biohazardous waste disposal with the SANDD mini™
  • Eliminate sharps in less than 4 seconds and throw it away
  • Eliminate the risks with the SANDD mini™
  • Safe solution
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable for home-use
  • The safer, more economical, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of needles
  • Once the SANDD mini™ is activated the syringe can never be used again
  • Keep your home or business SANDD Safe

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Eliminate needle sticks forever and keep your home or business SANDD safe.


With the push of a button, your needle is quickly incinerated and can be safely disposed of.


Proper needle disposal is expensive, however, SANDD Mini™ is affordable for home or business use.

Environmentally Conscious

By incinerating the needle, not only do you protect loved ones but also the environment, too!